This is an “infinite clicks”. click

Which means you can keep clicking. click

and it never ends. click

if you don’t believe. click

try. click

I promise you that you will spend your whole life on it. click

Think about it, click

a day in your 88th year of your life. click

you sit in front of a laptop, click

which your dad bought you on the day you went to college. click

which was Sep 1st, A.D.2011. click

and you look at the calender, click

it shows you that it is A.D.2079, click

those things happening in Blade Runner are already history. click

and you are still clicking on this page. click

what is more incredible is that.. click

your computer is still working, click

even though Apple has alreay bankrupted in A.D.2020. click

You think about your whole life, click

you do sometimes feel sleepy click

and you do sometimes feel tired click

then you go to sleep click

or take a break click

but finally you sit back in front of your computer. click

keep clicking click

regrets, you’ve had a few click

but then again, click

too few to mention click

You clicked what you have to click, click

and clicked it through, without exemption click

Sometimes, when you are click, you think that.. click

You life could be written a story click

The story of one who spent ones whole life on clicking click

and the story will start with this sentence: click