Kang Ma

Designer, Artist


Flammablebooks is a institute founded by Kang Ma, it publishes and sells art books, which some people like reading them, while others consider them totally useless.

For those who think that our books doesn’t worth reading, the only usage and value of our books is to be burnt as fuel, because all of our books are made of a flmmable material called paper.

Thus, it is your choice either you read them or use them as fuel for your vehicle.

Thomas Edison is the inventor of our products called “art books”, he is also the endorser of Flammablebooks.

When “art books” was just invented, it caused a huge shock to the fuel industry, many oil industry workers lost their job in few weeks.

Professional, Business, Bacteria-free, Formal, Clean, Efficient, Reliable Things

Kang Ma

This is a book featuring blue colored artificial objects.

Most of them could be associated with several certain fields, such as medical treatment, cleaning, industrial production, business and freight transportation. By summing up the characters of object related with these field, I inferred that the producer of these object colored them blue because they want to endow these objects several characters, which are these adjectives included in the title of this project.

Grand Coupes

Max Harvey, Pianpian He and You Li

This is the book includes abstract images should reminisce the rawness of the city we live in. The works were made in 2015, in a context of rapid industrialization that caused the dramatic air pollution issues scrutinized by the rest of the world. The rapid economic growth drastically changed the new consumers’ habits into nearly obsessive reflexes. The images aim to recall the slick interiors and the dusty exteriors we are seeing on a daily basis.